A closer look reveals that many management methods do not work in practice as well as they should

Here our point of view on a few important leadership topics:

Brand Building

Branding is often seen as a marketing and communication issue. There is much more to it: A corporate brand is the collective identity of a company, division or business unit. It concerns everyone. However, many organizations who once had strong identities have lost them over time. Brand building turns out to be not so easy.
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Today‘s companies have to go more and more often through massive change. It can take the form of reorganizations, roll-outs of new IT systems, cost reductions, strategic turns or cultural change programs. But, although companies have many experiences with change, implementation results are often disappointing.
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The demand to be innovative is high. In our today‘s world we see market leaders tumble and whole industries collide, because the players failed to innovate and adjust to changes. So top managers study innovative companies in Silicon Valley to learn how to do it. But transferring best practices into the own companies quite often becomes a mission impossible.
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Sales Performance

In times of tougher sales and market conditions, we frequently observe three problematic patterns related to sales performance.
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